Rates & Sizes

Whether it is one item or a houseful, we have a spot for you. We offer 3 types of storage in several different sizes.

Basic mini-storage- This provides storage for the least price- It is best for items that are not affected by heat or cold.

  • Concrete floors
  • Metal roof and walls with no insulation

Insulated mini-storage- This provides more protection for your items due to insulation in the roof and exterior walls. This helps with the heat especially. This is not climate controlled, but it does help.

  • Concrete floors
  • Insulated roof and exterior walls

Climate controlled mini-storage- In short, the units are heated and cooled. Summertime temperatures are regulated not to exceed approximately 80 degrees and winter temperatures not to fall below 60 degrees. Humidity is also regulated. This type of storage is best for items that do not function well in high humidity or temperature extremes.